Our Services

Oden Hardy Construction’s services range from bid preparation for projects not designed by our company to complex design/build projects that utilize our planning, design and construction expertise. Our services and projects represent the unique position we have created within the construction industry.

Services Image-1We offer the following construction services and products:

Estimate/Bid Cost Analysis
Value Engineering
Alternate Systems Evaluation
Bonded Construction Projects
Critical Path Method Schedules
Positive Performance Guarantees
Owner Specific Construction Contracts
Development Services

Including our solid knowledge and understanding of governmental regulations.

Commercial Construction

Oden Hardy Construction holds licenses for both architecture and construction. While we outsource our architectural services, we utilize our in-house expertise to produce designs that are consistent with our clients’ desired images while considering site plan and applicable land planning issues. In addition, we use our architectural talents to ensure designs with aesthetics and style reflective of our clients’ needs. Working in conjunction with our design professionals, we introduce cost-effective ideas and systems while controlling and maintaining the design concept.

Land Planning

Today’s projects require the understanding of all regulations that affect the development of even the most basic projects. We provide a complete range of development services tailored to fit each individual client. Through our professionals, we tackle the following governmental and jurisdictional regulations to ensure quality and integrity throughout the process:

Property Rezoning
Site Analysis
Geo-technical Investigations
Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Master Planning
Concurrency and Consistency Verification
Storm Water Management Regulations
Phase-I and Phase-II Environmental Audits
DOT Permitting
Endangered Species Investigations
Conditional Use Exceptions
Municipal Planning Board Appearances
Text Amendments Appearances

Meeting aggressive schedules with the industries best professionals, contractors and staff